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EP 15 Pt 2: Packy McCormick and Ben Thompson Talk About Their Own Start, Finding Your Audience and The Creative Process

Episode Summary

In Part 2, Logan is once again joined by Not Boring Founder Packy McCormick and Ben Thompson, Founder of Stratechery, to talk about their own business and experiences, the role online content plays, and advice for content creators.

Episode Notes

(00:00:00) Intro

(00:02:28) Packy & Ben’s Businesses

(00:23:08) Finding Your Audience

(00:36:01) VC Hindsight

(00:46:18) Creative Process

(00:57:52) Web3

(01:05:57) Advice for Content Creators

(01:14:59) All-In and Twitter

(01:23:54) One Last Thing

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Mixed and edited: Justin Hrabovsky

Produced: Andrew Nadeau and Rashad Assir

Executive Producer: Josh Machiz

Music: Griff Lawson


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